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♫ KARA ; Sweet Melody ♪

★ Member Profile ★

Name: Park Gyuri
Birthday: May 21, 1988
Position: Leader; vocal
Hobby: Reading books, enjoying movies
Speciality: Singing, acting
About Me: Before Gyuri debuted with 'KARA' she was an aspiring child actress,
who suddenly disappeared from the entertainment buisness
for several years. Now, she's back with a whole new look, and a great talent, being the leader in KARA.

Name: Han Seung Yeon
Birthday: July 24, 1988
position: 2nd Youngest; Vocal
Hobby: Reading books, enjoying music
Speciality: Singing, dancing
About me: Seung Yeon is from america, where she attended school in Tenafly, NJ.
She supposedly moved back to Korea in the 9th grade to persue her singing career,
which she suceeded when she debuted in the group KARA.

Name: Jung Nicole
Birthday: October 7, 1991
Position: Youngest; rap & vocal
Hobby: Playing the violin, enjoying movies
Speciality: dance
About me: Not much is known about the youngest
member of KARA. However, Nicole is from U.S.
She's from California, and her fluent english makes her rap
flow smooth, which fans say is one of the good things about her.
Her vocals and rap contribute to the group KARA.

Name: Koo Hara
Birthday: January 13, 1991
Educational background: Dong Myung Girls High School 3rd year (Attending)

Name: Kang Jiyoung
Birthday: January 18, 1994
Educational background: Kwanghee Middle School 3rd year (Attending)

- former member -

Name: Kim Sung Hee
Birthday: May 17, 1989
Position: 2nd Youngest; Main Vocal
Hobby: Dancing, singing, enjoying movies
Speciality Singing
About me: Sung Hee captured the hearts of many Koreans
when she sang for the OST of the SBS hit drama '3 petal clover.'
Her captivating looks, and great talent made her a well known trainee
of DSP, which she is now making her singing career in KARA.

credit : iheartKARA + karaholic



credit : karaholic + .minichoco. for reup

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