SMS Basic Theory

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SMS Basic Theory

SMS service is very popular and often used by mobile phone users. SMS text messaging
provides a quick, easy and cheap. Now SMS is not limited to communication between human users, but also can be made automatically sent / received by the equipment (computer, microcontroller, etc.) to achieve a certain goal. But to do so, we must first understand the workings of SMS itself.

Short Message Service (SMS) is a service protocol exchange short text messages (as many
as 160 characters per message) between the telephone. SMS was originally a part of the
standard GSM mobile technology, which then is also available on CDMA technology, home
phone PSTN, and others. Chronology of sending an SMS on the GSM technology standard is as follows.


BTS - Base Transceiver Station
BSC - Base Station Controller
MSC - Mobile Switching Center
SMSC - Short Message Service Center

When users send an SMS, the message is sent to the MSC via the cellular network is
available that includes BTS tower which was to handle communications users, then to the
BSC, then up to the MSC. MSC and then forwarded the SMS to SMSC again for storage. SMSC then check (via the HLR - Home Location Register) to determine whether the destination mobile phone is active and where the destination mobile phone.
If the phone is not active then the message remains stored in the SMSC itself, waiting
for the MSC informed that the phone had been active back then SMS sent in the maximum
waiting time of validity period of an SMS message itself. If the destination mobile phone
is active, the message conveyed through the MSC's network to handle the recipient (BSC
and BTS).

Actually, in most mobile phones and GSM / CDMA wireless modem there is a component of the modem / engine that can be governed, among others, to send an SMS message with a specific protocol. Standard orders are known as the AT-Command, while the protocol referred to as PDU (Protocol Data Unit). Through the AT-Command and the PDU is how we can make the computer / microcontroller to send / receive SMS messages automatically based programs that we make.

source: mikron123

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