10 People of the world's most powerful

| Tuesday, July 20, 2010 | |
10 People of the world's most powerful

U.S. President, Barack Obama can add another award that had gone into a long list of awards it has received so far. After getting the nobel peace, yesterday she was crowned the most powerful man in the world by Forbes magazine. While Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz ranked ninth.
In compiling this ranking, Forbes said it had shortened the list to 67 people. This figure is adjusted by the estimated world population, currently at 6.7 billion.
"The purpose in preparing this list is to mengkhabarkan power and no honor, and from time to time will reveal how power is easily lost kerana difficult to achieve," says the magazine.
World leaders and industry leaders dominating the top 10 list. According to Forbes it is assessed on the amount of influence, the ability of outside powers, control over kewangan and how people were moving actively in his power.
The following lists the top 10 most powerful people in the world according to Forbes:

1. Barack Obama (U.S. presidential)
2. President Hu Jintao (president of China)
3. Minister Vladimir Putin (prime minister of Russia)
4. Ben Bernanke (Fed Gabenor)
5. Sergey Brin and Larry Page (founders of google)
6. Carlos Slim (executive chairman of Telmex, Mexico)
7. Rupert Murdoch (chairman of media group News Corp.)
8. Michael T. Duke (Wal-Mart's chief executive)
9. King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz (Saudi Arabian king)
10. Bill Gates (founder and owner of the Gates Foundation)

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