Funny story about Breast Vs Testes

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Funny story about Breast Vs Testes

A family dinner. Son asked his father, Dad, how many kinds of breasts? father, surprised, answers his daddy: "my world there are three kinds of breasts at the age of 20 years like melons, round and firm. At the age of 30 years to 40 years, they are the same as PIR, is still abgus but it depends a little. After age 50 years, they are the same as "ONION". haaaaahhh onions? "" "yes, you see their breasts and will make you cry." furious wife and daughter, then the daughter said, "mum, how many kinds of penises are there? "Mother, surprised, smiled and replied," unfortunately, a man's penis goes through three stages. Diumur 20th annual, like the male penis Oak fruit, strong and hard. Diumur 30 yearly and 40 yearly, such as WIRES, flexible, yet reliable. Diumur 50th annual, is like a CHRISTMAS TREE "hahahahahhhha like a Christmas tree?" Iya-stem OFF and the ball just for decoration .. .. hehehehhhee

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