Love to you

| Friday, July 2, 2010 | |
Love to you

Once upon a time ...
A baby is ready to be born into the world.
By down, he asked the Lord,

"The angels are here to say that
tomorrow you will send me to the world.
But how do I live there?
I am so small and weak. "said the baby.

God replied,
"I have chosen one melaikat for you, he
will keep and love you. "

"But in heaven, what I do
is sing and laugh,
This was enough for me to be happy. "said the baby.

LORD replied, "will sing and Malaikatmu
smile for you every day and will feel
warmth of her love and so much more happy. "

The bayipun asked again,
"And what I do when I want
talking to - you? "

Once again Master replied,
"Malaikatmu will teach you how
you pray. "

The bayipun still not satisfied, he asked again,
"I heard a lot of bad people on earth,
Who will protect me? "

With patience Lord replied,
"Malaikatmu will protect you with his soul at stake
though. "

The bayipun still not satisfied and continued
question, "But I'll be sad because it is not
see you again. "

And the LORD said,
"Malaikatmu will menceritakanmu
about me, and will teach you how
so that you can come back to me. Although
disimu actually I've always been. "

At that moment heaven was so quiet, so that
voices from earth could already be heard and the child with
low voice asked,
"Lord ... if I must go now,
Can you tell who the
dirumahku angels name later? "

LORD replied ...
"You can call malaikatmu ...
MOM ... "

Remember the mother who loves you.
To my mother who always shed tears
when you go ...
Remember, you and when,
your mother was willing to sleep without a blanket order to see
nyeyak sleep with two blankets wrapped
your body.

Remember when the mother's fingers gently rubbing

.... And

Remember, you as tears dripped from
your mother's eyes when he saw you lying

Occasionally jenguklah kepulanganmu mother who was always waiting at the house where you were born. Go back to beg forgiveness of the mother who always
will miss your smile.

Do not let you lose the moment
will you miss in the future.
When mother was gone ...

No more standing in front of the door
greet us,
There's nothing more beautiful smile ... happy sign.

There is only an empty room no

There was only the clothes that hung in the closet

No more and no one else will
mendo'akanmu shed tears every
blowing his breath.

Come back soon ...
hug the mother who always love you ...

Kiss the feet of mother who always miss you
and give the best end of his life

Remember all the love and
his affection ...

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