What is Intranet? Find out!

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What is Intranet? Find out!
Intranet is still bearada at the age of the baby. Although the networking of the enterprise information system has existed for some time, the new intranet was introduced to the organization. The meeting between the Internet with the company's internal information systems has brought changes to the company network configuration. There are still many problems that need to be resolved, while the management issues and politics in entering the new environment "Intranet" is still to be faced.

What is Intranet?

Intranet is an internal network of companies that use the architecture, protocols and applications like the Internet (NCC guidelines, bulletin no. 216, October 1996). It is clear that the Intranet came after Internet. Networking (information) of the company existing for a while, and Intranet and then suddenly appear out of nowhere and is widely used by the personnel and staff from the company. The strength of the standard protocols and technologies of HTML (hypertext-enhanced language) provoke some creative experts to introduce the "Intranet: which basically leads to increased utilization of corporate networks with the Internet to integrate them together in a new form of" intranet ". Standard particular are: the Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) on the level of infrastructure, Web server and browser technologies (search) for communication, retrieval (outreach) and presentation of data, as well as HTML (hypertext mark-up language) for content creation (content). Since everything is included in internet business district, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the most interested in investing the knowledge and skills into it. It is clear that the technology related to each other in the success of the above standards require similar levels of discipline which is generally a part of the coaching activities of a particular network, then ISP emerged again as a provider of services that support tepat.Teknologinya this all is: Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripting, Java or similar language for the network (example: Microsoft ActiveX), GIF and JPEG image file formats, Voice and Video format (package spt. Real Audio and Micromedia)

Major issues faced by the Intranet

Growth management messages (messaging) itself has a problem. Anything related to the number of users, namely network configuration itself and the response time, not including the contents of the message. There are also associated with coordination of efforts. Intranet aggravate the problem further. This is because:

* E-mail and corporate internal messages (internal messaging) must live side by side to access the wealth of graphics from the Internet that large

* Allows Internet users of new technology mengadopsikan World Wide Web, thus widening the field of
networking demands (frequency) is more extensive and large processing power

* Tends to shift toward client-side processing (client-side processing), resulting in increasingly complex network management.
Organizations typically place their Intranet security fence, allowing adminsitrator networks can control the incoming information by type of source, IP address or the domain name, and then restrict access when necessary, for specific users. Through this road is expected that the volume of traffic control. But just how secure the fence ketatpun, internal information flows (which is clearly an objective of the intranet) will increase rapidly. Communication from the organization will develop a
fairly worrying direction:

* Increasing the user wishes to access external sources on the internet

* Want to obtain information concerning the customer organization

* Exchange of information between users on the outside and from within the organization through the achievement of its data base * Increasing the volume of e-mails, also in accordance with the users and increase accessibility.

Some konsiderans

When Intranet brings so many problems, why is he so widely used? Of course there is the positive side of the Intranet. The next sub-article will elaborate further. On this occasion would like to put forward three points of attention why the intranet is the right choice to be applied:

* Allows an easy integration between e-mail internally and externally

* He used the software allows easy, quite capable, and affordable technology and storage, retrieval, communicating, and processing enterprise information sources

* Allow easy access to various sources that draw from the internet - especially the material
published on the World Wide Web. Important is also known that there are advantages in using a Virtual Private Internet (VPI = Virtual Private Internet) => see an explanation of the VPI on the following explanation. When companies use the VPI, then the following advantages can be achieved:

* Ease of access to the Internet. Companies can avoid the administrative complexities and costs involved in building Internet connection.

* Access the Internet more reliable and efficient. There will be no profit if the Internet is intended for internal use only. Yet service providers typically emphasize the VPI to the external features, such as security, response time, and the width of the field, which did not cause significant problems in a closed group is based on technology such as high speed, Ethernet, connectors LAN or frame relay.

* Access to the Internet is cheap.
In accordance with estimates from the United States telecommunications operator "Sprint", the business pays about $ 8 per hour by using a direct way swivel connection (dial-up) with a modem, while they offer a connection through the VPI only about $ 3 per hour.
When high traffic volume, this probably is not an issue, where the cost to lease channels (leased line) can be justified. Companies that want to use the "web sites" to continue the application of heavy dotted on both customer and transaction processing should consider the use of outside services (outsourcing) throughout this operation is an intranet, all on a net basis so, the provider (carrier providers) or service providers who operate VPI. The agreement should be made clear to be able to control it properly.

Intranet and Internet or other personal

Generally there are two terms of the use of Intranet technology considerations:

* A private server that is connected directly (typically through a security fence) to the Internet

* Virtual private Internet (VPI = virtual private Internet) by utilizing a network infrastructure built by the company but outside service providers, typically by using a local server.
Service providers continue to increase, including Al UU net, Info net, MCI, AT & T, Sprint, as well as several cable companies, which offers coaching services Internet. This is in the eyes of service users
seen as an Intranet with Internet connection, usually by using a "router" is worth its price and coupled to the LAN from the company to form a closed user group. Note: in Indonesia, we saw a Pacific Internet (Pinter), Rad net, and others.


This intranet development, covering the broad outlines of the Intranet to its status since its growth until now. The next sub-article emphasizes the conventional attitude of management and related parties in accepting the Intranet. Conventional attitude is an attitude that has the characteristics of the carrier of human nature in general. In the information technology environment, it is observed from dreariness management attention to the technical aspects of management issues rather than the most basic.


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