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| Thursday, June 24, 2010 | |

Love, beautiful works of the Creator
began in heaven ...
included in the souls of Adam and Eve
Then the offspring to every soul
With different levels ...

Melodious voice, to be heard
Beautiful panorama, to the show
Was true love, to feel
By a pure heart
Net of lust and sexual desire

Love is nothing but an inscription
Who woke up on the beach tempest
One thing that makes a strong stand
determination to always be faithful

Whether used to come decorate the day
Or who come to grief
Love is sharing
Because really!
Although buried in two sports
Couple has only one liver

The low heart arrogance
Lambent intrinsic meaning of love
Like a beautiful voice ...
Long increasingly drawn to the left
The further the stone fly to right


Love ...
Another name for courage
until is always placed above the liver lovers
By a voyage that hacked
Towards the island of happiness

Melt your heart ...
Then similar liver lovers
To keep it fresh and clean
For such is love

Share ...
That's the core of true love
Joy and sorrow waves
Always served delicious
When perceived by two hearts ...

Some things are hard to explain with words
One love
Only a sincere conscience
Able to produce good paintings
About ...

Love is not the object, which looks
But the lure in steady rhythm of the feeling
Stored neatly in the living heart
Only a true lover who knows

Do not call it love ...
Before the last drops had also seeped into the soul
Then every word and action that created
Always based upon


"NO LIFE WITHOUT FAILURE, defeat, and fall ... ... ... ...


Stand up straight BACK ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

NOT LOOKING BACK, PAST has passed ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

Life goes on ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ....

"LIGHT WHEN MONETARY focus will burn PAPER" ~ Alexander Graham Bell


a time when we can conquer the wind, waves, tides and gravity, we will utilize the energy of love. Then, for the second time in world history, mankind will find fire

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