China's government missed the Internet in Mobile Sensor

| Friday, June 18, 2010 | |
China's government missed the Internet in Mobile Sensor

BEIJING - Internet Censorship by the government of China's strict, was not applicable in the mobile web. This is certainly a very good gap, make the Bamboo Curtain country netters.Known indeed, the internet on mobile phones in China do not get away from government control. Indeed, last December, nine ministries in China initiated a campaign, which ended in March, for the eradication of pornography transmitted via the mobile network.

Operators began to monitor the text messages used for pornography and "illegal content" others. If that happens to block phone service for customers who do so.

But there are signs that mobile internet has a 'hole', and therefore the analysis that says the Internet with mobile phones could grow larger as more people buy a smart phone and a third-generation networks become more powerful. According pemerinta data, quoted by CNN, Friday (6/18/2010), from 346 million Netizen in the country, 233 million used mobile phones to access the Internet.

"This is not because the government does not want to set the mobile Web, it's because the systems and situations that make it more difficult to manage the mobile web from the Web real," said Li Qiang, a researcher from Chinese Academy of Science."However, it is not impossible that something similar will happen also in the mobile internet," he said (TYO) (source:

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