NotNow (Handphone)

| Thursday, June 17, 2010 | |

Rejecting calls euphemistically

Developer: Toys
Version: 2. 0
Platfrom: BlackBerry OS
Category: System Utilities

There are times when you have so many busy so it does not want to be bothered by sounds or sound vibrations from the phone. Related conditions, often of you to let or may cover calls that resulted in misunderstandings of the caller.In such conditions, do not be afraid pelu thanks to a misunderstanding by the caller NotNow applications. This application quite necessary, especially in certain situations a case of being in the movies, while driving or Other conditions that do not allow you to receive phone calls.

Very easy to use NotNow. Simply pressing-pressing reject button on the phone, can further choose the template option is already available, so this application can automatically send a message to the caller that you are in a position can not receive phone calls.Features provided enough variety for a simple application. Such as sending messages reject automatically when a call or send a message can be sent through the duration of the ringing tone have your previous settings.

Because the messages directly or automatic secar., Available menu options that can be used for feature activation election application. bsia only done for specific numbers that you have selected. If it's on a particular day or a particular moment does not want to be disturbed. Mneu "Do Not Distrub" will automatically reject all existing call and associated directly with the application Donot Distrub calendar to feature this can work well.

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