Signs of the Apocalypse According to Islam

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Signs of the Apocalypse According to Islam

Instead Huzaifah bin Asid Al-Ghifari ra. said: "Come to our Prophet. at that time and we're talking. Then he said: "What are you talking about?". We replied: "We're talking about days qiamat".

Then the Holy Prophet. He said: "Not going to happen today that you saw earlier qiamat ten kinds of signs." Then he mentioned: "Smoke, Dajjal, the beast, the sun rises from the place of the sinking, the decline Isa ibn Maryam alaihissalam, Gog and Ma'juj, earthquakes three times, once in the east, once in the west and the third in the Arabian Peninsula end once the fire had gone out of the country of Yemen that will drive people to their Mahsyar Padang. "

H.R Muslimi

Ten signs mentioned qiamat Prophet. in this tradition is qiamat signs that the big moment will occur at nearly the arrival day qiamat. Ten signs it is:

   1. Dukhan (smoke) will come out and lead to diseases such as selsema among those who believe and will kill all infidels.
   2. Antichrist who will bring great slander that will meragut faith, hinggakan crowded with people who will be deceived by his appeal.
   3. Dabbah-border animal that comes out of the Mount Safa in Makkah who would speak again bahawa people do not believe in Allah swt.
   4. The sun will rise from the place of sinking. So at that time Allah Almighty. no longer receive the faith of the Gentiles, and do not accept repentance than the sinner.
   5. The decrease of Prophet Jesus alaihissalam to the surface of this earth. He will support the government of Imam Mahadi a sovereign at that time and he will break all crosses made oleb Kristian people and he also will kill the Antichrist.
   6. The exit of the nations Gog and Ma'juj who will make mischief on the surface of this earth, namely, when they triumphed destroy the walls are made of iron mixed with copper which have been erected by Zul Qarnain along with his aides in the past.
   7. Earthquakes in the East .. This may be referring to the earthquake in China, the tsunami in Aceh.
   8. Earthquakes in the West. It is possible that this will happen in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Latin American countries
   9. The earthquake in the Arabian Peninsula .. Possible cases of landslides in Egypt as an opener.
  10. Big fire that will drive people toward the Padang Mahsyar. The fire will be started from the direction of the country of Yemen. (What's this nuclear danger?)

Following the opinion of Imam Ibn Hajar al-Fath Asqalani Bari in the book he says: "What can dirajihkan (selected opinions) of the set of the hadiths of the Prophet. bahawa Beast is that preceded the release of all marker-marker that can cause large changes in prevailing on the surface of this earth. The situation would be ended with the death of Prophet Jesus alaihissalam (after buying out of the sky). Then the sun rises from the place of the sinking is the beginning signs of a large qiamat that will harm the natural system where the event horizon will be concluded with the occurrence of events that terrible qiamat. Perhaps the release of the animals mentioned in the day it was happening at that time the sun rises from the place of sinking. "

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