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"Oh no! Do not have a guest! "I complained, when the car reached the corner of my street and the house was palpable. Usually I am glad to see there are four cars parked in front of the guest house, but after spending a week in the hospital waiting for a child who was treated, I feel so uncertain - because the house must be in a state of disarray. I parked, turned off the engine, and entered through the front door.

"Why are you doing home so early?" Said my friend Judie from the kitchen. "We do not expect you home at least one hour longer! We think we can go before you go home. "He walked over and hugged me, then asked softly," How are you? "

Suddenly another voice, and a bear hug. Lorraine, smiled and let go of the mask from his mouth, comes Is this my house? Am I dreaming? Everything looks so clean. Where did this interest come from?from the family room where he had just finished seterikaan from the mountain of clean clothes. Regina peeked from the kitchen, holding a vacuum cleaner. He had wiped all the furniture in each room. Joan, still above is wrestling with a bed sheet and bed cover, meyapa down, "Hello." He was in charge of completing all the chaos in the fourth bedroom.

I've spent a week praying, begging God's presence and help during my time in the hospital. But God even "When you get here?" A question only of mouth alone. My tears started flowing. "How ... how ... you guys doing this? "I cry with not shy anymore, releasing all the baggage and happiness in the additional answers by sending four "angels" to clean up this mess in the house which I had left. "You rest a little, Virelle," said Lorraine. "This is your dinner is ready - and there are still plenty of food in the fridge." Dining table set with beautiful flowers and napkins. A small gift parcels lying in front of my chair. A banquet was prepared, complete with salad and dessert mouth."Do not worry, we always prayed for you," they said. "Everything is in God's design."When my friends go, I look at rooms for the room, he wept because he saw the sincerity of their hearts to spend time and help clean the house. I found a beautiful flower arrangement is placed in every room .. wonderful gift and a tiny packet of lying in bed each room. My eyes grew heavy water.In the family room I found a paper note below contains a bud vase peonies. Inside it reads: "The troops love has come here." (Virelle Kidder)

I knew that God had set this whole thing.

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