Love Story in the Movie Titanic

| Tuesday, June 22, 2010 | |
Love story in the movie titanic

What is more meaningful than the love story in the movie Titanic, is
> How different characters react in the presence of facial
The approaching death:
> 1. The designer of the ship seemed to feel guilty, he was sad and sorry,
> Reflect on the mistakes he has made, and let the other
ran to the lifeboats.
> 2. The captain looked full of bondage, trapped by
damaged its reputation and retirement dreams shattered. He was holding his hat
do not try to escape, silent waiting for death.
Too arrogant?
> 3. The bad guys really immoral, tried to bribe and deceive
to save yourself.
> 4. The officers could no longer withstand the pressure when the weight
trying to bring order situation. He was forced to shoot one of the passengers who did not want to queue. Feeling sorry and helpless, he shot himself!
> 5. There are also people who jump into the sea to swim to pursue
> Lifeboats that have been moved.
> 6. There are also those who pray with passion pleading
> 7. Ordinary people, all fighting to be able to get into the boat
> Savior.
> 8. There are also those (like Jack and Rose) who do not want to loose
with each other, but did not care about! How selfish love is blind.
> 9. And of course, there are a bunch of music players that made history
by continuing to play music to death in the midst of those who panic.
> So the question is: if you're on the Titanic in
> You are going to react like what? You deem it appropriate reaction? What
> Titanic is a real catastrophe. He is the only
ship in history who claimed to not be drowned, but he sank in the first voyage. What to do with us?
> From real stories that we learn that in normal circumstances, each
people seem nice, friendly, friendly, hard to know exactly who is good or bad character. But once the crisis hit. nah! At that moment, everyone's true nature appears! Like a flood that gave rise to all the dirt, so too will bring misery and misfortune, with clear who is good and who's not good. In a state of crisis,
> Original character of each person will seem more real. This could be our
observe in everyday life, people around us, including ourselves.
> Another important lesson is that many among us who feel
he Titanic: we often apply as we will never die.
We can not feel defeated by age, disease, and deaths, undefeated against Law of impermanence. Cloaked by the illusion
> Temporariness not to discuss but to live up to the
> Marrow bones. The approaching death is the most powerful motivation for us to reach a state that transcends death.
> Right on the day we are born, we are all Titanic WAS
> Sink, began his journey toward death. The problem is that we
never know how much a part of our life boat
still above the water. Have you planned how to save themselves?
> How can you be out of the ship? There's an old adage in India: "The most amazing thing in this world is that we all live as though we will still be alive tomorrow morning."
> On one day, we're not going to live longer and parts
> Scary is 'tomorrow' it could mean really tomorrow! Hopefully, we can
> Appreciate life and realize how important life and beyond
> Today. Yes, realize it today! Because tomorrow may be
> It's too late.
> Yeah, yeah, you've never heard this kind of advice a thousand times.
> So, what will become longer as one piece of advice
> Define your own. You can start seriously thinking about it
right now, or tomorrow ...???

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