Two Women's "Hot" Craving Justin Bieber

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Two Women's "Hot" Craving Justin Bieber

LOS ANGELES, Though only 16 years old but Justin Bieber, sensational singer who is now a public conversation that world, have great taste about the type of woman of his dreams.

Just look for openly express himself estimating socialite Kim Kardashian, now there are two women who are no less tempting also estimated chanter "Baby" was. Who are they? Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry.

The Sun, Bieber said the two are the most perfect women to date. "I wish I aged a few years older than now, I will be dating them. If both are combined, the result is certainly a hot woman," Bieber beber.

Currently, Bieber hopes of course want to meet them and ask 'date' together. "I want to invite them to dinner. Maybe they can teach me and tell what kind of stance apt to melt the hearts of women like them. That alone is amazing," he said.

Although already quite famous, Bieber admitted that she still own today. Therefore, he wished he could find a woman the same age, both stars are similar. "I want the young version of their. Right now I'm still alone but that does not mean I'm not really looking for it. The problem is when I met a girl, I do not know if he likes me or not," he said. (EH)

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