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 Yamaha expanded its business by creating new markets for its products. This time it was an all-terrain vehicle or ATV for plantation activities. The model that was ready to be marketed in Indonesia is the Grizzly 700. This model has been equipped with electric power steering so that the user no longer needs a lot of power to maneuver. Meanwhile, four-valve engine and 686 cc SOHC with a capacity of pure single cylinder and liquid cooled. Compared with a motorcycle which sold in Indonesia, Yamaha fuel supply system is already more advanced because it uses gasoline injection system (Mikuni).

With a compression ratio of 9.2: 1, Grizzly is more easily adaptable in terms of fuel quality. To transfer power from the engine to the wheels, used transmissions Yamaha Ultramatic named. This transmission is a combination of V-belt with centrifugal clutch. Provided three options for the operation mode, ie, In / Out 4WD, the 2WD, 4WD with LSD, and 4WD with differential lock management. To move from one mode to another, simply by pressing a button. For the four wheel independent suspension with double wishbone model. Meanwhile, the dampers can be adjusted kejutnya. Create a monitor working conditions, this ATV is equipped with a digital instrument panel LCD monitor screen that shows various information, such as speedometer, odometer, dual tripmeter, hourmeter, 4WD status, transmission position, clock and indicators of gasoline. President Director of PT YMKI Dyonisius Beti said the ATV is fully imported from Japan.

"Its markets baseball a lot, at least 1,000 units a year," said Dyon to Kompas.com, Thursday (05/06/2010). One Grizzly 700 cost Rp 76.5 million. For marketing, YMKI appoint several branches, among others in Medan, Bandar Lampung, Louth, Kildare, and Pontianak. Authors: AGK, ZBJ Editor: zbj

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