Bridgestone Turanza GR 90

| Tuesday, May 25, 2010 | |
Bridgestone Turanza GR 1990 was presented as a slim-profile tires but has a comfortable shock-fixed (soft). Armed with high-tech Small and slim bead filer, which can minimize the vibration, without the need to reduce wind pressure on that ban.Selain Turanza GR 90 is also able to reduce tire noise resulting from friction with the road surface.

Silent Technology AC Block equipped with noise reduction grove, creating an uneven contour of the road could be muted as well, and minimizes high-frequency sound of tires with road surface friction.

Other features, comfort has been obtained, but that does not mean sacrificing stability for granted, therefore pinned Turanza GR 1990 asymectric Side technologies shape. Bridgestone made a new breakthrough, because both right and left side tires have a shape and size is not equal, thereby increasing the stability of the car when cornering or braking.

And do not worry when I have to push the car in a puddle of water, for 3D footprint Tale bakan create turbulence that drives the water backwards faster.

Producers targeting this tire for use by premium CBU cars. Therefore, the amount of premium vehicles as much as 50 363 units projected they will use Bridgestone tires of this premium, which is about going above 100,000 units sold tires.

"CBU cars our target market for the Turanza GR 1990, because after all, a import car tires need replacement," said Department Bridgestone Tire Indonesia Sales Manager, John Arsyad the sidelines of the launch Turanza Bridgestone GR 90 at the factory, Karawang, Java West, Tuesday (05/25/2010)

Moreover, added John, in Indonesia, many of the tires for premium vehicles that have not been made in Indonesia, so that by 1990 he had made Turanza GR in Indonesia, of course, would be a better value.

"Because we were so very knowing the condition of roads in Indonesia," he added.

Bridgestone offers a choice of seven diameter size of 17 inches and 18 inches, ranging from 205/40 to 225/40. Price tag of tires Bridgestone Turanza GR 90 was started from USD 1.301 million to USD 1.533 million.

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