GUITAR History

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Guitar is a traditional musical instrument so that Spain believed that this instrument comes from the Spanish. But there is also a saying that the guitar history began long before Christ that is the Babylonian era. At first this instrument a small shape and has four strings that each - each pair. During the Renaissance, the guitar instrument and not unpopular public interest. But after Alonso Mudarra began introducing this instrument through the work - his work so quickly people - people began wanting to listen to and play the guitar. And at that time the guitar became popular among the people. In the 17th century or the Baroque period strings (string) guitars are added to five of each - each string pairs, it allows the players to play music that is more complex and extensive. In the late 17th century, two important changes made in this instrument are: 1.sebelumnya each - each string pairs (doubles) is now replaced by the strings - single strings. 2.sebelumnya has five strings will now be added to the 6 single strings until now used. In the classical period circa 1750 - 1775 gave birth to many composers - including the famous guitar composers Fernando Sor, Mauro Giuliani, Matteo Carcassi, D. Aguado and Fernando Carulli. They write the music and often hold concerts - concert guitar in various places. At that time the instrument is very popular guitar and a lot of people interested. There was also that in addition Nicolo Paganini violin players famous guitar player who also works - his work is still often heard today. In the late 19th century instrument falling prestige and many people are not familiar with this instrument, but then in populerkan back by Francisco Tarrega is a great composer of classical guitar. Many works - a very famous musical works include: Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Estudio Brillante, Capricho Arabe and much more. He also wrote and developed a method for teaching guitar and teaching methods became the standard of teaching in classical guitar lessons until now. He is also a lot of teaching and not a few of his students who became great composers like himself of them is Miguel Llobet. In addition to the composer - the composer was also a guitar guitar designers who have contributed in the development of this instrument is Luthier Antonio Torres. He tried to increase the size of a guitar and try to improve the sound of the guitar so much louder and harmony. He perfected many of the guitar, as he makes the guitar's neck is wider and thinner than the previous guitar shape. He also makes the strings of a guitar with a standard length 65 cm, which is still in use. From the results of this experiment made the guitar is a modern guitar standards used until now. In addition to the previous Torres is also one called the other famous Stradivarius violins are also adept at making a guitar. In 1946 the previous guitar strings are made of Gut (rope made of animal intestines) is replaced with strings made of nylon (nylon string). By using the nylon string sound produced bigger and better. Guitar musical instrument continues to grow until now and have become instruments of the world. The number of players, teachers, composers, and guitar makers today are very many, schools - schools and courses are also easy on the guitar encountered today in every place there is even a magazine - a magazine that specifically deals with the guitar. Since the development of science and technology so fast, do not miss the guitar instrument also receive the effects and now we have to know the name Electric Guitar (Electric Guitar). Electric Guitar History Electric guitar history began in 1930, when a man named George Beauchamp began looking for ways to increase the volume of the guitar. Known if a given wire in a magnetic field force is able to create electrical current. On the basis of this idea was studied and conducted an experiment with a phonograph needle (basically this technology can be found on the motor - electric motors, generators, phonograph needles, radio and mic). He believes that if the guitar strings vibrated by the magnetic field will be converted into electric currents, and then converted back into sound waves through speakers. After the trial for months - months and worked with Paul Barth will first create a simple pickup consists of 6 poles, and each - each pole for each - each string. Pickup containing neatly rolled coils. According to the story, he took the coil out of the washing machine and melilitnya back with a sewing machine motor. This invention is greatly appreciated and get the patent. With this discovery the next step was to find people who want to work together and help in the matter of funding. He contacted his friend Adolph Rickenbacher had been in the National String Instrument Company where she worked. They work together and form a company with a name Instrumens Rickenbachers. Eventually they began producing the first electric guitar called "The Frying Pan" (perhaps because the guitar body is made from the pan). This is what makes their company's written in history as the first factory to make and produce an electric guitar. Later a man named Lloyd Loar introduces a model electric guitar Spanish guitar-shaped. He is considered the first to make and market this model guitar. He has a lot of experimenting - this experiment began early in 1920 and in 1933 founded the company with the name Vivi - Tone which is a subsidiary of the Gibson Company. This company produces electric guitar with a Spanish guitar shape in one year but it did not work. From this failure, eventually inspired Gibson Company to try to continue to create an electric guitar. Of the business - the work done is created an electric guitar the ES-150 which later became a pioneer guitar - electric guitar next. History of electric guitar in 1933 continued during the Alvino Rey also worked on the Gibson Company to develop an electric guitar pickup better shape than the sound quality is also changed. Behind the success of the ES-150 was found to be flawed, because the hollow guitar body vibrations of the guitar body also arrested the pickup so it would sound on the amplifier. In addition frequent feedback and voices unwanted. Because it was a famous jazz guitarist Les Paul introduces new solutions to make solid body guitars and not hollow. He eventually made a successful solid body guitar and produce a good sound without feedback or voice - a voice that is not desired. In addition he added weight pickups on his guitar in half. In 1946 he brought his guitar to a Gibson but was rejected on the grounds consumers less interested in the solid body guitar. He was disappointed that he pioneered efforts ultimately failed. Not long later a man named Leo Fender believe that the guitar made by Les Paul with a solid body guitar will be much in demand by consumers. Finally in 1943 he made a solid body guitar made of wood Oak trees and leases it to the musicians to get a lot of support. Finally, in 1949 Leo Fender got success with the model of solid body guitars and rewarded. Seeing success with Leo Fender solid body guitar the Gibson Company finally back to see examples of Les Paul guitars and re mendisainnya. In 1952 it was decided to produce a solid body guitar and became an industry standard. Although his inspiration came from the Gibson Les Paul guitar we now know is named after the company name. In 1961 Ted McCarty introduced the ES-335 a semi-hollow guitar that is a combination of hollow guitars and solid body guitars. This guitar quickly became popular, used by guitarists - including jazz guitarists are BB King and Chuck Berry. Gibson and Fender guitar maker is a company that had been instrumental in developing this instrument, especially the electric guitar design - a futuristic design. Both guitars have become the standard for musicians, as we now know the Gibson SG or Fender Stratocaster.Setelah two companies have successfully developed an electric guitar, then start popping up a lot of companies - companies that produce electric guitars until now.

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