Pearl Words Collection

| Tuesday, January 19, 2010 | |
Fear is not to be enjoyed, but to be faced. - Anonymous

If you can not be smart, be a good person. - Anonymous

Prejudice is the child of ignorance. - Anonymous

Tiger died leaving spots of color. A man dies leaving an impression and its message. - Anonymous

Fond memories of the past only to be remembered, not to keep in mind. - Anonymous

Better to have many plans that have not done rather than not have any plan at all. - Anonymous

Everything that is born will die, but the emitted light of life will always shine forever. - Anonymous

The first is not necessarily the best, but the best is usually the last. - Anonymous

You can only live once in this world, but if you live it right, once is enough. - Anonymous

The art of being wise is knowing what to ignore. - Anonymous

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