Nokia N92

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Nokia N92

Nokia Nseries is actually one long enough introduced to the public. Several Internet sites have released the identity N92 mobile phone with a variety of advantages. Even in the country, almost all media, print and electronic scramble to review and release to the public. And until mid-September and the Nokia N92 is not yet clear when there will be launched, because the readiness of the supporting software for operating in Indonesia continued to be adjusted.

Lucky Cellular phone testing software after all complete and proper test. At least the tests are close to 100 percent ready lego phone. According to the Nokia N92 this plan will be marketed at the end of this month. This series is superior lies in its ability presents a live TV broadcast and also the music player feature.

From the shape and size, the N92 series is very bongsor and weighs quite heavy. Dimensions measuring 107.4 x 58.2 x 24.8 mm and weighs 191 grams for somewhat inconvenient when put into the pocket of the bag let alone a pair of jeans made from non-, let's say cotton. Especially when the phone is operated with unfolded, the impression bongsor more obvious and real.

As a phone that can play TV, the Nokia N92 has been equipped berkedalaman color screen up to 16 million. This is one of the requirements of a mobile phone to display moving images are perfect for images that appear not to falter. Dimension 320 x 240 pixels, quite minimal once to watch a TV show.

Line of this series keypad very much. All are located on the inside and can be used only when covernya opened. There is absolutely no button that can be used when the cover when closed. In addition to the standard keypad rows of numbers and letters, N92 is also equipped with a special keypad for playing video and music. Function and use the keypad, the keypad is purely as a music player. Well, when you open the cover of this phone vertically, you do not have to worry if you want to operate the keypad, let alone write a SMS or make a note on the menu pad. Vendor manufacturer has provided a vertical line of the letter is also included as the numbers keypad in general.

This feature Nseries seed this one. His ability to capture and perform live television broadcasts can be will make a lot of people attracted to possess it. We conducted trials to watch broadcast television in South Jakarta Semanggi area, it seems there are four options that TV stations could be arrested. Metro TV, SCTV, TVRI and CNBC.

Treat particular television broadcast pictures on the screen display is not to falter. Moving image display clarity depending on the color depth used mobile phone adoption. When operated in the vehicle with a speed of 80 - 100 km per hour, there is absolutely no change or even halting the picture. For your information, we did a test under the Semanggi overpass while driving toward the area of Block M. Network began to break when they arrive at Ratu Plaza and monument area youth, but when the vehicle arrived in front of Pasar Blok M Kingdom, acquired the network back to the area of South Jakarta Mayor Office.

Camera equipped with high-resolution 2 Megapixels 1600 x 1200 pixels is also satisfactory. Move or shoot any object does not move result was quite good and focused. Facilities 4 times digital zoom makes it easier for users in a remote target object. Including taking pictures with a video camera, went smoothly. The length of video recording depending on the available memory.

N92 is ready to operate in 3G networks. As the trial of some service providers third-generation service is very smooth and almost no significant obstacles. Using the operator Telkomsel, to download the data in the form of text or video streaming is very fast and the settings are straightforward. Including connection to the virtual world using GPRS and EDGE his virtue and GPRS class 11 EDGE class 10, very reliable. Any facility via a wireless internet connection (Wi Fi), all went well and not ribet and confusing. View page site is perfect thanks to the support features of HTML and XHTML.

Music Player
Reflect the range of keypad is that this series is a multimedia phone that can be used to play music. The play button, stop, rewind, and others are provided to maximize the existing music features. Supported music formats N92 complete enough. There WMA, MP3, eAAC +, AAC +, AAC, M4A, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, 64 poliphonic MIDI, RealAudio Voice, RealAudio7, and RealAudio8.

FM radio is also equipped in this phone. The voice that came out pretty good and almost no other foreign noise. This proves the grasp of radio frequency to be reliable. This radio broadcast can be heard through the speakers sound with the hands-free entry must remain attached to the phone. Support equalizer it will improve both the presence of-music-player and radio, including the provision additional memory slot Mini SD manifold. External memory capacity that can be accommodated in this mobile phone reaches 2 gigabytes and can store 1,500 songs fruit.

We tested play some MP3 songs as well as radio and sound came out very well. Even while listening to music or the radio, you can also run the camera function to capture still images aka photo. Music tidka stopped and photographed the activity going on. Another case when the video facility is activated, and immediately the music or the radio that came out inactive aka dead.

Nokia has various facilities to connect other devices are like a PC or notebook. Three facilities two of which transfer wireless Bluetooth and infrared that is already immersed in this series. While facilities for transfer using the cable, the manufacturer has provided a USB slot. At least buried favorite songs or move data to another device is not a problem.

Function infrared, Bluetooth, and USB running quite perfect. All three have tested in the transport or transfer the data in the form of image files, text, video, or music. The most easy to use Bluetooth. The problem with a distance of about 10 meters or more, you can perform the desired data transfer. Unlike when using infrared or cable, you must hold the phone and dealing with the targeted device let alone a PC or notebook.

Facility is actually a sort of as a secondary feature. But for the profession as a journalist, voice recorder is very important. This feature has the ability to be reliable. Voice recordings can be heard again with a clear and lucid. At least with the existence of this facility, the time off the tape recorder or digital recorder.

The availability of this phone's internal memory of 40 Mb. Capacity was very low for a multimedia phone, especially to save favorite songs or pictures and video. However, the manufacturer provides the vendor an additional memory slot mini SD type, with a capacity reaches 2 GB.

Armed with a lithium polymer battery type with a capacity of 1500 mAh, N92 is able to be used continuously for 4 hours. While siaganya time can reach 7 days. But this still depends on the rise and fall of the operator network is used. Understandably, rising or falling is also a network that does not consume less battery.

When used to receive calls and make calls, voice sounded very clear. Likewise with the other person on the other side, the received voice too clear with no strange noises are disturbing. Unfortunately when receiving an incoming call, you must first open the phone fold. There are no shortcuts to the phone except by using the handsfree.

This phone's ability to surf the cyberspace proved reliable. Using a GPRS or Wi-Fi connection via fairly quickly. Downloading several files in the form of images, MP3-format music up to be quick. Almost no significant constraint when surfing the virtual world. information (Created by Ariez)


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