Nokia N91

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Nokia N91

N91 even comes with a standard design actually offers many new multimedia features. In addition to stereo FM radio, 2 megapixel camera, 3G connection, and WLAN 802.11g, plus 4 GB of internal memory it was fitting to satisfy the needs Microdrive where there is music, video, and various applications.

It turned out that the design model carried by N91 is not too special. This design model, which relies on a sliding keypad numeric access to hiding it, finally re-applied to the N91. Although the standard does not differ greatly from the 7650 or 6270, for a music phone like this design so outdated. Compare this with the Zen, Walkman, or iPod. To measure the "bulky and heavy", this standard design is a bit behind compared to just a candy bar model. Despite making it less fashion, but the folder sliding a bit more comfortable to use. N91 has dimensions of 113 x 55 x 22 mm with a weight of 160 grams.

You can enjoy the object at the maximum screen size of 176 x 208 pixels. Moreover, supported by the use of a similar type QVGA screen that seen in the N71 or E next series. Some things are a little bit disturbing display screen, such as when you see a menu on the situation over the light (fluorescent).

Because of the size supported by the rather eksodesign contains, then the form of its keypad buttons also look great too. Certainly when still in a state sliding closed. By using Grid View button located at the right agency phone, you can use, navigation buttons located below the screen. While sliding the button on his body serves as the access to enter the music player menu. Strangely, on the middle navigation button does not work fine.

PORT Connection
On the left the body there is a button to adjust the volume. Some ports on the top serves to connect the music player with a headset and speaker add-on extra. Left the body port is used to connect to the PC and the lower part is provided as a means of charging. It's just that the model "bulky and heavy", this standard design is a bit behind compared to just a candy bar model. Despite making it less fashion, but the folder sliding a bit more comfortable to use. N91 has dimensions of 113 x 55 x 22 mm with a weight of 160 grams

Armed with 2-megapixel camera built-in, the ability to photograph objects with this phone no doubt. The camera itself provides options ranging from self timer, white balance, macro mode, digital zoom up to sequence mode. It's just unfortunately not many supporters of the camera function, without flash, and image editing options. Although the end result is good, you can not expect much from the camera capabilities without additional dual camera (front camera for video calling).

For video recording quality is still the standard phone. Video capture resolution at 352 x 288 pixels is felt still less inserts plus audio formats. AMR-sounding noise. By using the night mode feature, recording is limited to 2 meters distance at QCIF camera, more than that objects do not appear clear.

Internet connection in the phone there is no obstacle thanks to the support GPRS class 10 If this section of the GPRS settings on your phone has not been done, you have to do double-click to go to a WAP service settings menu from the Services menu. When executed, you can choose a small-screen rendering, including the key page-up/down with scrolling faster, and the list of histories that can be adjusted in the menu.

Music Player
Nokia N91 is fully supported a powerful music player. Support from the Nokia Xpress music brand can make plays many formats ranging from WMA, AAC, AAC +, MP3 to the music player equipped with an 8-band equalizer. To play music from the playlist, provided direct playback button. You can also listen to music even without using the SIM Card. But, when he tried mp4a format, do not expect N91 can play formats that are usually purchased from the iTunes online music service.

Business data transfer, then the N91 can be relied upon. There are many choices, ranging from Bluetooth, infrared up to the data cable. While his Internet access can be done from many choices, ranging from a class B GPRS, WLAN 802.11g, and 3G. Bluetooth capability as usual it easier for you to send data, including business cards, printing images run applications, including to tap the Nokia wireless keyboard.

The phone is powered by battery, Li-Ion 900 mAh BL-5C. With the capacity of the battery, the Nokia N91 is able to use non-stop for 4 hours. Aka standby while his stand-by mode can reach 190 hours.

In general, though not in terms of design is striking and difficult to compete with portable music player models, but the N91 offers many advantages, especially from the entertainment features. Internal memory up to 4 GB, N91 is possible to put a lot of entertainment applications. Indeed, in some important features can not be maximized here, such as Visual Radio. One of the drawbacks that accompany the products in this test is the On / Off is working on the menu response is slow. Created by Ariez

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