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Mayan sacred calendar, or Tzolkin is the door into the mind of a highly developed civilization in the Western world before the arrival of European nations. The experts believe, the ancient Maya astronomy is an amazing intellectual achievement, equivalent to the geometry of ancient Egyptian and Greek philosophy.

Many people believe, the calendar 2000 year-old was more accurate than the Gregorian calendar used since 1582.

Ancient Mayans lived in the early first millennium AD in the Mesoamerican region, which stretches from northern Mexico to Honduras, in the northern Yucatan Peninsula. A population of 5 million to 14 million people, live in the cities now known as southern Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize.

In The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (2004), Carl Johan Calleman PhD writes, in addition to high culture in art and architecture found in the pyramidal areas, such as Palenque, Tikal, Copán, and Chitchén Itza, the ancient Mayan well-known ability in the science of astronomy and mathematics. This is the first nation to use the number zero (0).

Ancient Mayan obsessed with time. According to Lawrence E Joseph in Apocalypse 2012 (2007), they create at least 20 calendar, adapted to the cycle, starting from pregnancy until the harvest, moon to Venus. Highly accurate orbit calculation with the difference in just one day every 1,000 years.

The ruins of their cities, according to Jared Diamond in Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive (2005), recently discovered in 1839 by legal experts from the United States, John Stephens, along with British draftsman, Frederick Catherwood. Exploration was found 44 cities and places.

Obsessed cycle

Most important for the ancient Mayan communities is the ethos of the cosmic. Peace is an attitude of harmony with the eternal movement of the universe. As a result fixed on the cycle, they do not realize the changes around them.

This may explain the nation's breakdown. Although there who believe they moksa methodologically Jared Diamond explains, the cause is the destruction of the environment carrying capacity for agriculture and forest clearing in excess, as well as population growth is very high.

Studies confirmed that view Aeronautics and Space Agency United States (NASA) that found pollen trapped in sediment-year-old before the 1200 collapse of Maya civilization, at Tikal area. That's a massive deforestation; the trees disappear, live grass.

Another cause is the constant battle for power and natural resources. Less than a century, the population decreased 80-90 percent. According to Diamond, the attention of the leaders of that time seems to focus on short-term problems. They are greedy, power mad, and oppressive.

However, the dramatic collapse was not nullify the ancient Mayan wisdom, especially about the predictions of disaster that has not been matched. The invasion of Spain by order of Rome in 1519 was predicted with the help of the stars in the sky.

Prediction that saved the ancient texts are still saved the elders in the countryside, among the thousands of invaders burned text and four books about the Mayan calendar which was later found in Europe.

Now Mayan calendar predicts the world's events on 21/12/2012!
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